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Adaptogen blends for women's cycles

Whether you're looking to soothe PMS and painful periods, seeking support for everyday symptoms, or regulating for conception, our blends are a holistic way to heal your hormonal imbalances, and get you back in sync.

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Plant-powered healing

In Ayurvedic medicine, adaptogens have been used for centuries for their healing properties, and in particular, for the support they give the body in resisting, adapting and responding to stressors, both internal and external to us.

By using different adaptogens during each phase of your cycle, you activate unique support when your body needs it most , whether it be bringing some zen to your adrenals, elevating your energy, spicing up your sex drive, or most importantly, bringing balance and harmony to your hormones.

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One box. Four hormone-balancing blends.

With four blends in each Lunaa Flow box, simply begin with the Menstrual Blend on day 1 of your cycle, and move through the blends, one week at a time.

It's cycle-syncing made simple.

"I've been having issues with lengthened flow and not enough progesterone. This set of adaptogens is just what I have been looking for!

Thank you, as my Dr didn't really have any idea how I could support my own body's ability to balance and produce it's own hormones."


"My pms has been so much better. I love them. It's been very empowering to get in tune and start to respect my cycle!"


"Since incorporating these blends into my life , I am feeling so much more at ease. This was the magic my body was calling in and I have SO MUCH FUN concocting my different beverages. Much love to you!"


"What an amazing lineup of products!. No worrying about having to buy 10 different supplements and figure out how to use them. 1tsp blended specifically for each day of your cycle- brilliant!"


Our Story

After years of personally suffering from imbalanced hormones, ovarian cysts, and painful periods, Lunaa was created so women everywhere can find freedom in their feminine cycle.


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Choose our Lunaa Subscription and we'll deliver your Lunaa Flow Box to your door, every month, so your cycle stays in sync, your hormones stay balanced, and you stay in flow...without having to think about it.