Dreamy Blue Moon Mylk

photo via pinterest

We thought we'd treat you to an extra special recipe that will have you craving more!!

This Dreamy Blue Moon Mylk is super grounding, hormone balancing (of course!), and will leave you feeling sooooo relaxed and in flow. And how dreamy is the colour?! 

Here's the recipe:⁠

➕1 cup of plant-based milk (oat is super creamy here!!)⁠
➕1 tsp Butterfly pea flower powder⁠
➕1 tsp of any Lunaa Adaptogens blend (they all taste amazing in this!!)⁠
➕a pinch of freshly ground nutmeg⁠
➕a dash of maple syrup if you like it sweet⁠

Simply heat on the stove, blend everything together and enjoy!!⁠

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