Hormone Balancing Beet Latte


Hormone Balancing Beet Latte!!! (And only 3 ingredients!!)

SAVE this for your Menstrual Phase loves!! 🙌🏻

So full of goodness for the first phase of your cycle, and all the things to help...

✔️sooth menstrual cramps
✔️improve your energy
✔️regulate hormone imbalances
✔️cleanse excess hormones
✔️reduce heavier flows
And so much more

Here’s the recipe!

➕1 cup plant based mylk (using cashew here, making it super creamy!)
➕ 1 tsp organic beet powder
➕ 1 tsp @lunaa_adaptogens Menstrual Phase blend

Blend on high, pour and enjoy!!

We love it topped with some rose petals for extra vibes.

And if you like things a little sweeter, simply blend with a date or maple syrup!

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