How to energetically connect with your cycle

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There is so much sacredness, energy, and wisdom that is innately woven throughout our monthly feminine cycles. 

Our menstrual cycles are pure magic. As you begin to understand the energetic elements of each phase, and start to align with the beautiful qualities within yourself that awaken and bloom through each phase, you step into your inner power, activate more ease and flow within your body, mind and soul, and truly awaken your best self, every single day.

Menstrual phase

Your 'Inner Winter' phase, or 'Wise Woman' phase as it is also known is the beginning of your sacred cycle and is believed to be your most powerful phase. ⁠

Your inner wisdom is heightened during menstruation, and you have the ability to connect more deeply to your own inner power and allow your inner wisdom to move through you. During this phase, journal, self-reflect, meditate, and allow yourself to really tap into your intuition. ⁠

That inner wisdom also opens the gateway to take a deeper look into what is no longer serving you. Give yourself the space to process what is coming up for you, and allow yourself to release and let go of places, people and things that may no longer feel in alignment with you. ⁠

During this time, you are also called to rest and retreat, nourish and nurture. Any form of self care during this phase will support your body and our mind. Gentle exercise is so supportive for your body during this time, so indulge in long walks in nature, or a gentle restorative yoga class with an extra long Savasana. ⁠

Aligning with the flow of your Menstrual Phase, and connecting with the power this phase holds, allow you to tap into your innate wisdom and intuition, and prepares you to awaken a powerful new cycle within.⁠

Follicular phase

The second week of your cycle awakens your 'Inner Spring' or 'Goddess' phase. ⁠
Inner Spring is a re-emerging after a period of rest and retreat, nurturing and nourishing. This renewed energy and sense of being is just the thing you need to start planting seeds for the month ahead, and taking inspired action on all of that incredible inspiration that has been bubbling inside of you. ⁠

And remember all that releasing + letting go during your Menstrual phase? Now is the perfect time to set some intentions that are more in alignment with you. The space you've created allows your focus to shift to new projects and learning new things. ⁠

➕What is it you truly desire to give your energy this cycle? ⁠

➕What do you desire to shift your energy and step into a new way of being? ⁠

➕ What are you ready to embody + expand into? ⁠

Connect to all that incredible inner wisdom you received during your Menstrual phase, step out of your comfort zone, and put some plans in motion. ⁠

Aligning with the flow of your Follicular Phase, and connecting with the awakened energy this phase brings, will see you intentionally plant new seeds, and allow you to activate the way forward. 


Ovulation phase

Your 'Inner Summer' phase, or 'Mother' phase, brings out the social side of you. Energetically, you are desiring connection, not only to yourself, but to all of those around you. You feel expressive, playful , and dynamic, and you may feel you energy shift to focus on nurturing your relationships. Energetically, this connection you desire will allow you interact with others with more ease, express yourself with clarity and confidence, and allow you to have those deeper conversations you crave. 

And those seeds of intention you planted during 'Inner Spring' (aka your Follicular phase) is the time to unapologetically ask for what you truly desire. You are fully in your creative power and deeply connected to your energy centre.

Some journal prompts to guide you during your Ovulation phase:

Where are you ready to shift your energy to a highest vibration? Where are you ready to commit so deeply and unconditionally to the dreams in your heart? (Remember, these dreams are yours for a reason!)

Where are you ready to be the woman you know you can be, shifting through limitations, feeling the fear and doing it anyway, surprising yourself, loving yourself, and FINALLY, finally, stepping into your highest self?

What can you do today, in this moment, that will start you on the path, or take you one step closer to that highest version of you? Where can you dream an even bigger dream, and think outside what you believe it truly possible for yourself?

Now is the time to ask for the support you need to manifest your dreams into your reality. Surround yourself with people that raise you up, and intentionally step out of your comfort show yourself not only what you are capable of, but that it’s really not that scary after all.

The world is your oyster. Actually...the whole universe is your oyster, and aligning with your power in your Ovulatory Phase allows you to connect with the incredible expressive energy this phase brings. Ask for what you deeply desire and let that energy of your desire + decision manifest in the most magical of ways.


Luteal phase

Your 'Inner Fall' phase, or 'Wild Woman' phase, brings out the introverted energy in you. Your physical energy levels are beginning to decrease as your cycle comes to an end, and you may find yourself craving time alone to indulge in some sacred self care. 

During this phase is it so important to listen to what your body is telling you, and how you are feeling so you can consciously choose the most nourishing and nurturing ways for your body, mind and soul. ⁠

Move your body with restorative exercise, such as yoga or a walk in nature, and support your mind with meditation and journalling.⁠

Becoming present with yourself, allowing yourself to rest and relax, and creating space for yourself can also spark inspiration, clarity and answers to questions you may have been seeking throughout your cycle. ⁠

There is also a creative element to this final phase, and you may find yourself desiring to dedicate yourself to something creative or let your inspiration ignite a new vision within you. This is where your wild woman really comes out to shine. Allow your imagination and inspiration to run wild. You may find this sparks a new vision within you. 

Aligning with the flow of your Luteal Phase allows you to connect with the introverted energy this phase brings, become present with how you feel within your body, and shower yourself with love and self care. And with it, the space to reflect, let go and open yourself to new inspiration and creativity to flow through you. 


Honouring your energy

With so many energies shifting and changing during our cycles, the most important thing during any phase is to honour your energy. Take a moment to pause, become present to the feelings in your body, and truly listen to what is arising for you. It's these moments of pure presence that you have the opportunity  feel into what you truly desire, align your energy to a higher vibration, and move forward with a feeling of flow, ease and grace, and a deeper, softer love for yourself.  



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