Signs of unbalanced hormones

I know from my own personal experience that imbalanced hormones can wreak absolute HAVOC in your daily life. And sometimes it's the little things that you may pass off that actually indicate a MAJOR imbalance within. ⁠

Our bodies are SO innately intelligent and sending us little messages in EVERY MOMENT. The question is, are you pausing enough to truly listen to what your body is trying to tell you?⁠

Your symptoms are your signs. 

Signs that there is an imbalance within, and hormonal healing needs to happen.

Here are just some of the signs you may have imbalances hormones...⁠

➕Irregular menstrual cycles ⁠

➕PMS symptoms⁠

➕Heavy menstrual bleeding⁠


➕Constant fatigue⁠

➕Brain fog + finding it hard to focus⁠

➕Digestive issues⁠

➕Insomnia or trouble sleeping ⁠

➕Weight gain or difficulty losing weight⁠

➕Low libido or sexual dysfunction⁠

➕Pelvic pain⁠

➕Skin + hair changes ⁠

➕Anxiety + mood changes⁠

The major ones for me....irregular menstrual cycles, digestive issues (this was a huge one!), infertility + painful PMS cramping. 

So how do you begin to balance your hormones? 

Know you're not alone, and there are ways to bring your hormone back into balance. ⁠

First step....begin to listen to your body and start making small changes that support your hormones. Choose nutrient rich, whole foods. Support your body with adaptogens (click here to see how Lunaa's blends can help support you). And lastly, slow down to listen to your body and FEEL what is happening within 🙏🏻⁠

Healthy, happy, holistically balanced hormones IS possible!!⁠

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