The ultimate Moon Cycle Gift Guide

There's nothing better than giving to those we love. And with the holidays just around the corner, we've rounded up some of our favourite things for the ultimate Moon Cycle Gift Guide. Full of the most high vibe gifts, there's something for all the women on your list. 

Please note we are not affiliated with any of these brands. We just wanted to share some of our favourite things with you, and support some amazing businesses out there that are supporting women in such incredible ways. 

Magic of I Astrological Planner 

Not only incredibly stunning, this planner is everything a woman needs to track her moon cycle through the year. With beautiful illustrations, and a full section on cycle tracking & menstrual cycle phases and how to connect more deeply during these phases, this is one you may want to get two of, so you can keep one for yourself. Find them here. 


Apothecary Co Moon Mist Sprays

To be honest it's hard to choose our favourite products from Apothecary Company. Everything they make is simply divine! But we couldn't leave their Moon Mist Sprays off our list. Created with essential oils and crystal-infused these aromatherapy spray will amplify intentions, release negative energies, and allow you to feel balanced and aligned during any phase of your cycle. Find them here. 


Hand Painted Moon Prints by Kate Jerry

Talk about dreamy!!! Canadian based Katelyn Morse has been painting the most beautiful Moons since 2014. Her incredible artwork is something any moon lover will truly adore, and will be something that inspires and connects any woman whenever she looks at it. And if you're looking for something a little more personal, Katy can create personalized paintings for that someone special. Find them here. 



Palo Santo by Moon Body Soul

Give the gift of a sacred cycle with Moon Body Soul's Palo Santo. Their premium grade and ethically sourced Palo Santo is beautifully hand stamped with the Moon phases in non-toxic ink. If you haven't tried Palo Santo, get two bundles, as you'll absolutely love the smell. It's been used for centuries to remove negative energy, disinfect the air, relax the mind & body, and create connection to your true self. Find them here. 

Mala Collective Crystal Advent Calendar 

This is one for the crystal lover on your list, and literally brings ALL the vibes!! With 25 (yes 25!!) different crystals, this beautiful gift is one that will be treasured for a lifetime, and will allow any woman to connect more deeply with her moon cycle and all the incredible energies that flow through the phases. Find these here.


Moon Milk Book by Gina Fontana

This gorgeous book will bring all the inspiration for creating the most beautiful moon milks throughout a woman's cycle. With a focus on Ayurvedic principles, this book has 55 plant-based recipes...and let's just say you'll be visiting whoever you give this book to, as you're going to want to try every single one of them!! Find out more here.

Kilig Candle Co's Mood Mists

Perfect for setting the mood during any phase of your cycle, Kilig Candle Co's Mood Mists are simply divine. Whether you're seeking a a refreshed feel (try their Energized Mist), a moment to let everything go and breath (see their Purify Mist!), or looking to unwind and relax at the end of the day (their Dream Mist is just that...totally dreamy!), Kiling's Mood Mists will make a beautiful gift for any woman. Find them here.

Vanilla Moon Body Collection by Om Organics Skincare  

Luxury body products always make a girl feel special...and Om Organics Skincare serves up all the goodness with their Vanilla Moon Body Collection. Featuring a body scrub and bath soak, these beautiful products will leave any woman feel oh so dreamy, not to mention smelling divine. Find them here.

Moon Candles by Yatuei

We had the pleasure of meeting Carly, the owner of Yatuei earlier this year, and my goodness what beautiful candles she creates. Every one of Yatuei's candles is ethically made in Canada using only the highest quality ingredients that have been consciously sourced. These candles are intentionally poured during the different moon phases, smell incredible, and brings an energy that is almost indescribable. Find these gorgeous candles here


Lunaa Flow Box

And no Moon Cycle Gift Guide would be complete without Lunaa, of course!! Our gorgeous Lunaa Flow box of 4 blends is intentionally created to balance and align any woman's cycle. You'll not only be giving something that's beautiful to receive and delicious to drink, you'll also be giving the special women in your life a way to connect more deeply with their moon cycles and awaken their best self, every day - and that's the best gift of all. Gift them here.


Whatever gift you choose for your loved ones this season, give with intention, give with purpose and give with love.

Happy Holidays lovelies!! 

xo Lunaa










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