Why PMS isn't normal

Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)

There's a big myth when it comes to periods: PMS + cramping are normal, and you just have to deal with it and get through it. Ummm....no, let's rewrite that. ⁠

While PMS is VERY common ~ with word on the street that 80% (!!!!) of women experience it ~ PMS + cramping is NOT normal and in fact a big red flag telling us that there is misalignment in our bodies + imbalances in our hormone health. ⁠

Think of your second half of your cycle (aka your luteal and menstrual phases) like a blueprint to your health. During the end of your cycle, your body is cleansing excess hormones and working to eliminate these through your digestive system. How your body responds to this additional stress is the key to unlocking a PMS-free cycle + finding freedom in your flow. ⁠

The best way to begin understanding where your PMS symptoms are coming from? Start becoming aware of how you are truly feeling and what PMS symptoms are coming up for you. ⁠

➕Do you tend to get cravings, nausea, or have bowel changes before your period? That’s a really good sign that your digestive system may not be working as it should be. ⁠

➕Do you experience breast tenderness, headaches, or mood changes? Signs your body's detox system is strained and not cleansing your excess hormones as it should be. ⁠

➕What about fatigue, anxiety or having trouble sleeping? These are key signs your body's not getting enough nutritional support and is in desperate need of some nourishment. ⁠

After years of experiencing ALL of these myself, and then being diagnosed with endometriosis + ovarian cysts, I just knew there had to be another way. Seeing and feeling the changes in my body and cycle after beginning to use adaptogens was life changing for me, and helped me realize and actually experience hormone normality and balance for the first time in my life. ⁠

The main thing to remember is periods are normal, but pain absolutely shouldn't be. Use your period as a guide to looking deeper into your health + wellness, get the nutrition and hormone support you need, and know that hormone harmony is possible for you. ⁠

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