Lunaa Flow - 3 Month Gift Subscription

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With Lunaa's 3 Month gift subscription, you'll be supporting the women in your life with the gift of happy, healthy hormones, and bringing balance and alignment to their cycle. 

Combining adaptogens + superfoods these blends help to balance hormones, put PMS + cramping in the past, restore fertility and reproductive health, and improve your mood, focus + energy.  

Each month, for 3 months, they will receive one Lunaa Flow Box containing:

+ Menstruation Blend
+ Follicular Blend
+ Ovulation Blend
+ Luteal Blend

Each blend is intentionally crafted to complement each specific phase of a woman's cycle and can be blended, mixed or stirred into your daily routine.

Activating hormone harmony has never been easier. 

Menstruation Blend

Follicular Blend

Ovulation Blend

Luteal Blend